Lake Michigan Shoreline Erosion

The USGS Fact Sheet

This page provides information about coastal erosion of Southern Lake Michigan. According to the USGS about 83 percent of the shoreline is privately-owned with property values as high as $10,000 per linear foot of lakefront.

Michigan.Gov Great Lake Shoreline Erosion

This PDF provides questions and answers to important questions about residential shorelines including:

  • What causes erosion?
  • What are high risk erosion areas?
  • How are HREAS determined?
  • What if I want to build in a high risk erosion area?
  • What kinds of construction projects require a permit?
  • My house is too close to the shoreline, do I have to move it?
  • What are my options for shoreline protection?

Shoreline Erosion Getting Worse – Chicago Tribune




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