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White Lake is an experienced marine construction contractor. We specialize in all forms of marine construction and waterfront development. Our portable equipment means that we can access areas where other contractors might not.

What is marine construction?

Marine construction is a broad term. Often, this term is used to encompass or explain all that we do - building rock revetments, marine structures, and even dredging and capping. It basically means construction that happens via water.

What are the types of marine construction projects?

Building marinas, piers, bulkheads, boat lift wells, sheet pile installation, boathouses, boardwalks, jetties, pile driving, and boat lifts are all examples of traditional marine construction.

The term is also commonly used to describe the construction of marinas and associated structures to include docks, boat storage buildings, etc.

These projects often require a significant permitting and design effort that involves both state and federal authorities, depending on the location of the project. All aspects of the project must be permitted including docks, support buildings, electrical and pump out services, etc.

What does a marine construction engineer do?

White Lake Dock & Dredge, Inc, has engineers on staff, with years of experience designing, permitting, and executing all forms of marine construction projects. We have relationships with many outside engineers as well when a subject matter expert needs to be brought in.

In our experience, working directly with a contractor earlier on in the design and permitting process (even if you have already selected a traditional engineering company) can save significant time and money by avoiding costly constructability issues during the building process. At the end of the day, we can operate as a one-stop-shop.

Marine Construction projects in the Great Lakes & beyond

Project needs and designs vary by size, depth, access, and nature of the body of water. All water bodies have different dynamics that need to be accounted for during the design and building process; for example, expected wave energy plays a critical role in the design decisions made for structures like docks, breakwaters, sheet pile walls, etc.

The body of water also plays a critical role in the selection of the equipment used. An advantage of our fleet of equipment - it is very portable. We can easily scale our equipment up or down to access any body of water regardless of size or draft restriction. Additionally, we can work across the country regardless of location.

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White Lake Dock & Dredge has the experience and equipment to tackle any marine construction project. White Lake is experienced with all aspects of design, permitting, and construction of marinas and other marine structures.

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White Lake has worked with residential customers throughout Michigan to design, permit, and construct all different kinds of marine structures. Our highly mobile fleet of equipment assures that no project is too small or too remote.

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