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White Lake Dock & Dredge is an industry recognized leader in subaqueous capping. We maintain a fleet of RTK-GPS guided equipment that is capable of installing complex, multi-layered caps in both shallow draft and deep water conditions. As a testament to our ability, White Lake was the first firm to install a reactive carbon cap in the country.

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Engineered Caps for Sediment & Contaminants

What is engineered capping of sediments?

Sediment capping is the practice of using layers of materials to contain contaminants within underlying sediments and isolate contaminants from clean environments. Engineered sediment capping requires an added level of design and engineering, often using multiple layers of different materials to cover and cap the sediment or contaminant. 

What materials are used for engineered caps?

The materials used for engineered capping depend entirely on the sediment cap design and the contaminant of concern. Common sediment cap materials include sand, granular activated carbon (GAC), engineered clay products, stone or gravel, and plant matter or organic material, known as a benthic layer. The layer materials, amounts, order of layering, and method of placement will depend on the individual engineered design or the features of the contaminated site. At the end of the day, every cap is different and the method of installation varies widely.

Where are engineered caps necessary?

There are a variety of factors that determine if a cap is necessary or will be effective. In many instances, the bulk of the contaminated sediments will be dredged out and removed before the cap is placed. Following this removal, there will always be lingering contaminants that may require a cap. Dredging does not always solve the problem of containing contamination and caps can be an effective component of an overall site remediation - often being effective and cost efficient.

How are engineered caps installed?

White Lake Dock & Dredge does not design engineered caps, but we are very experienced and skilled with the installation of engineered caps. White Lake Dock & Dredge has installed dozens of engineered sediment caps, throughout the United States in some of the most challenging maritime environments.

How do I schedule a consultation for a cap constructability review?

White Lake loves to work with our industry partners to assist however we can with the engineering process during the cap design phase. We find that soliciting constructability feedback from experienced contractors early on can lead to a more successful project during the construction phase. If you would like to schedule a constructability review, please reach out to us.

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Sand & rock ready to be used to cap sediment


In addition to our experience installing engineered caps, White Lake Dock & Dredge has over 20 years of experience installing varying thickness sand caps over contaminated sediment dredging sites. We utilized RTK-GPS equipped equipment coupled with state of the art dredge guidance software to assure accuracy of placement and thickness.

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