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An industry recognized leader in all types of sediment capping.

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White Lake Dock & Dredge is an industry recognized leader in subaqueous capping. We maintain a fleet of RTK-GPS guided equipment that is capable of installing complex, multi-layered caps in both shallow draft and deep water conditions. As a testament to our ability, White Lake was the first firm to install a reactive carbon cap in the country.

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White Lake Dock & Dredge is an industry recognized leader in installing complex, multi-component, engineered caps. Our RTK-GPS guided equipment, innovative use of dredge guidance software, coupled with our experienced engineers and operators assure that your cap specifications are met while minimizing any over placement of expensive materials.

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Sand & rock ready to be used to cap sediment


In addition to our experience installing engineered caps, White Lake Dock & Dredge has over 20 years of experience installing varying thickness sand caps over contaminated sediment dredging sites. We utilized RTK-GPS equipped equipment coupled with state of the art dredge guidance software to assure accuracy of placement and thickness.

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