Rip Rap Shoreline Protection

Protect Your Shoreline with Rip Rap Seawalls

What is rip rap?

Riprap, also known as rip rap, rip-rap, rock armor, armoring, or revetment, is rock or other material used to protect your shorelines against natural water and weathering damage. Common rock types used in a rip-rap solution include granite and limestone. Sandstone should NEVER be used for a project of this nature.

At White Lake, we engineer Great Lakes shoreline protection solutions with rock revetment, which uses rip rap rock to withstand Michigan’s harshest and most unpredictable weather conditions while also minimizing negative environmental impacts to the natural coastal shelf.

Why use rip rap?

Rip rap is great for preventing erosion of your shoreline. It prevents the erosion of beaches caused by waves. Erosion can cause a loss of property, but a solid rip rap seawall can limit the erosion with concentrated runoff. The large, angular, and loose rocks used to form a seawall can protect your property and your home. Rip rap is incredibly important because in some cases if you don’t do it, your house could fall into the water!

How long does rip rap last?

Rip rap can last for generations if you get the material from the right source. We use only the best, premium rip rap on our shoreline restoration work.

How much does rip rap cost?

Professional rip rap installation can be a significant investment, but, you want something to last decades and that protects your shoreline property and home. In many cases, if you are using the best solution rip rap rock revetment contracting can cost more than $2,200 per linear foot.

What is rip rap made of?

Riprap or rock armour is most commonly made up of granite and limestone.

How to install rip rap on a shoreline?

If you are installing rip rap on Lake Michigan or any other Great Lake, you’ll need a permit from the DEQ. Rip rap should be constructing by a professional engineer and contractor.

How does rip rap stop erosion?

Rip rap can effectively prevent erosion by slowing or stopping soil or sand from being cut away by the sweeping motion of waves.

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