Mechanical & Hydraulic Dredging

With a specialized fleet of highly mobile, customizable equipment, White Lake Dock & Dredge can tackle dredging projects of any size, anywhere in the country.

Our Dredging Services

The core of our business is providing mechanical and hydraulic dredging for environmental sediment remediation projects. Between our highly experienced crews, decades of experience, and truck-portable fleet of equipment—no job is too tough. Our experience includes the dredging and management of all manner of impacted materials such as PCBs, MGP, heavy metals, radiologically impacted sediments, and much more.

Highlighted Mechanical & Hydraulic Dredging Services

For mechanical dredging projects, White Lake Dock & Dredge utilizes an owned fleet of mechanical excavation equipment such as long-reach excavators, environmental buckets, materials handlers, cranes, and more. Our mechanical dredging equipment is integrated with state-of-the-art machine control and GPS guidance systems to accurately remove impacted sediments while minimizing expensive and wasteful over-dredging and water generation. Our approach allows for a high degree of adaptability to changing material characteristics, debris, or unforeseen conditions.

For projects that are best suited for hydraulic dredging applications, White Lake Dock & Dredge utilizes a fleet of owned equipment, including swinging ladder dredges, cutter head attachments, boosters pumps, and more. This equipment is generally best suited for shallow projects that are difficult to access, projects requiring long transportation distances to an upland processing area, or production projects that are not impacted by generating significant quantities of water. Often these projects are coupled with sediment conditioning, geotextile tubes, and other means of solids separation for sediment dewatering and disposal.

Proven Experience

The team at White Lake Dock & Dredge has undertaken dredging projects throughout the United States and Canada. Our clients include entities such as USEPA, USACE, state regulatory agencies, and large private customers in sectors such as energy, chemical, manufacturing, and more.

Expert Knowledge

White Lake Dock & Dredge got its start in 2002, but the team’s experience in environmental dredging extends far beyond that. Our senior associates have an average of 30+ years of experience encompassing diverse aspects of our industry. When you work with White Lake, you’re truly working with experts in the field at every step of the process.

Cutting-Edge Technology

Dredging is only as accurate as the machine control systems utilized. White Lake is heavily invested in the latest multibeam and single-beam hydrographic survey equipment and is a pioneer in the use of RTK-GPS integrated machine control software for dredging precisely to project specifications.

Construction in Action

Looking for dredging contractors for your next project? Our team of engineers is happy to speak to you about our capabilities, offer quotes, and ultimately submit White Lake Dock & Dredge as a candidate for your next private or government dredging project.