Subaqueous Capping & Covers

We provide cutting-edge solutions and robust experience in subaqueous capping.

Our Sediment Capping Services

As the sediment remediation industry has evolved to engineer new solutions to contaminated sediment projects, so have we. We are an industry-recognized leader in subaqueous capping. Our capping experience dates back to 2004 with some of the earliest large-scale cap implementations in the country. We were also one of the first in the nation to install reactive carbon caps. Our experienced crews and truck-portable equipment can smoothly transition from dredging operations to installing complex, multi-layered caps in shallow draft and deepwater conditions. 

Our expert engineers have developed innovative placement solutions based on engineered designs and features of contaminated sites, including limited access locations, thin layer capping, and more. Our experience includes a spectrum of engineered cap amendments including GAC, PAC, various aggregate products, and more. We also have extensive experience placing various engineered geotextile products, in a marine environment, as an alternate form of capping.

Proven Experience

Over the last 20+ years, White Lake Dock & Dredge has cultivated a reputation of excellence, completing a variety of sediment capping projects on budget and on schedule. We’re also known as trailblazers in the industry, utilizing the latest technology and equipment to find safer, more effective ways to perform sediment capping projects. Our tenured teams believe in working in a collaborative and transparent manner, and that’s why our clients continue to choose White Lake Dock & Dredge.

State-of-the-Art Equipment

We know that investing in equipment means investing in the safety and efficiency of our teams. Owning equipment also allows White Lake Dock & Dredge to further control project schedules, quality, and efficiency. We own and maintain a fleet of equipment integrated with the latest RTK-GPS machine control software that is capable of installing complex, multi-layered caps in both shallow draft and deep water conditions. This is coupled with our in-house surveying capabilities to ensure all projects are completed in accordance with the project specifications.

Expert Knowledge

At White Lake Dock & Dredge, our subject matter experts are passionate about sharing their knowledge and lessons learned with our team members and clients. We believe a culture of transparency and continuous learning promotes innovation, safer work sites, and a passion for the industry that attracts and maintains top talent.

Construction in Action

Our team loves to get involved in the process as early as possible, so we can assist your staff with the design phase. We’ve found that soliciting constructability feedback from experienced contractors early on will lead to a more successful project during construction. If you would like to schedule a constructability review, reach out to our staff.