Marine Sediment Sampling Support

We offer tailored and cost-effective sediment sampling solutions.

Our Marine Sediment Sampling Support Services

Marine sediment sampling is often the first step in the design of any dredging, capping, or other remediation project. It provides our engineering customers, geotechnical clients, and our own crews with valuable information about the composition and characteristics of the work environment, including location and depth of environmental impacts, geotechnical characteristics of underlying materials, composition of contaminated sediment, and so much more.

This data allows our clients and engineers to tailor their construction methods to suit specific conditions, minimizing risks and ensuring the proper design of any project. Sediment sampling enables environmental assessments, helping to mitigate the impact on marine ecosystems by identifying sensitive habitats or species that may be affected by the construction activities. 

By understanding the sediment dynamics beforehand, White Lake Dock & Dredge can also optimize our dredging operations, reducing costs and maximizing efficiency. Overall, marine sediment sampling is a fundamental step in responsible sediment remediation and marine construction, ensuring both the safety of the project and the protection of the marine environment. 

Highlighted Marine Sediment Sampling Support Services

White Lake Dock & Dredge owns and operates a flexible fleet of floating equipment to conduct in-water sampling throughout the United States. We work with our clients to custom-tailor the correct floating equipment for their drill rig or other sampling devices. We then work with our clients in the field to provide the marine expertise needed in these challenging environments. Our floating equipment can be operated in various conditions including rivers, lakes, ponds, and harbors.

For clients that don’t have sampling tools available, we own and operate Vibrocore and piston core sampling equipment. Our crew can retrieve samples in up to 150 feet of water.

Construction in Action

Our crews are ready to support your team in collecting in-water sediment samples. Just reach out to our staff to talk about your project today.