Hydrographic Surveys

We conduct extremely accurate hydrographic surveys using cutting-edge equipment and innovative solutions.

Our Hydrographic Survey Process

The work we do would be impossible without the ability to investigate, document, and control excavation and material placement underwater. As such, we are committed to being a leader in the field of hydrographic surveying. 

Our in-house team of senior engineers, including a nationally certified hydrographic surveyor, have more than 30 years of surveying experience. We own a fleet of state-of-the-art multi-beam and single-beam hydrographic equipment.

Our survey processes are directly tied to our quality control efforts to assure compliance with rigid project specifications, as well as to minimize expensive costs associated with the over-dredging of sediments or over-placement of expensive capping materials. We offer survey services to a wide-range of clients and projects.

Construction in Action

If you are looking to begin a new marine project, or you need a general hydrographic survey conducted, reach out to our team. Our equipment is highly mobile and can perform surveys in hard-to-reach areas.