Fleet Management Practices Reduces Carbon Emission

Date: November 15, 2023

ENTACT’s Sustainability Strategy is based on three foundational building blocks: Principles, People, and the Planet. These beliefs guide us in providing high-quality services while promoting sustainability and stewardship in all our endeavors.

As part of our commitment to the Planet, we focus on reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) or carbon emissions. To achieve this, ENTACT implements effective fleet management practices such as:

  • Employing Tier 4 equipment that meets EPA diesel engine standards.
  • Conducting routine equipment maintenance and ensuring proper usage.
  • Using fleet management software and tools for efficient operation to minimize mileage, fuel use, and excessive idling.
  • Relying on a truck scale or real-time data from the payload software by the excavator operator to ensure that the haul truck is filled to maximum capacity, resulting in fewer trips to disposal facilities.

Responsible fleet management practices provide a reliable and consistent way to reduce carbon emissions while working on a project site for a Client. We integrate these practices, along with other sustainable remediation strategies, throughout the project lifecycle to help achieve both our and our Clients’ sustainability goals.

At ENTACT, we provide industry-leading environmental remediation services to enhance communities, public spaces, and the environment, all while minimizing our impact during the project’s duration.

Read how we are reducing carbon emissions here:

Learn more about our Sustainable Strategy here:

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